Craigslist Listing Example


Here is the example.

Title: Spacious Duplex near Belmar

3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2 living rooms, apartment for rent.

  • modern windows
  • new carpet downstairs
  • new paint downstairs
  • Washer/dryer hookups

5 minutes from Belmar, 10 minutes from downtown. Water and trash pickup included in rent.

Security $950.

Call Aaron at 303-867-5309

Here are some other things to note.

Always include at least 4 pictures, one of the front of the house and three of the inside. The inside should preferably be one picture of the bathroom, one of the kitchen, and one of the living room. People choose their rentals based on the look of the outside of the house, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

Use words like “charming,” “nice,” “peaceful,” etc, even if it’s not. Someone probably thinks it’s charming, even if you don’t. Note all of the good points about the property, which may be: location, what’s included with the rent. Washer and dryer hookups generally exist in all houses, but renters are comparing to apartments also, which sometimes do not have washer and dryer hookups. Of course it’s a must to say what the rent does and does not include.

Leave a phone number and an email address for contact information. People are less likely to spam you over the phone. Even though you’ve included all of the pertinent information in the ad, people will call you and ask things like “how much is the deposit?” and “do you allow pets?” So if they do call they’re probably interested. Including all of the information in the ad makes it easy to answer people’s questions because you can just look at the ad yourself and answer the prospective tenants politely – it’s better to not mention at all that the information is already in the ad.

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