Eviction Infliction


If the tenant is late more than once with no reasonable excuse then you should be evicting them. The goal of any eviction is to minimize monetary loss while being courteous to the tenant. Lots of money can be saved by doing the eviction yourself, but I have yet to meet anyone who actually wants to do this.

  1. Post notice to pay or quit. (See the attached example page.)
    1. This can be done by anyone. You can call the police at a non-emergency number to make sure if you like.
  2. Find a lawyer to handle the rest of the eviction for you.

Make sure that the lawyer you use assures you that the court date will result in a financial judgment as well as the actual eviction. It will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to get a court date. Once you win, it will take less than a week to effect the eviction if necessary.

The Easy Kind

You need to be in contact with the tenant on a semi-regular basis during the process so that he or she knows that it’s necessary to move out before the court date. If this happens then you’re practically home free and can jump straight into finding a new tenant. If the tenant does not move out before then, then the ugly kind of eviction happens.

The Ugly Kind

This is what happens when the tenant ignores the process completely and decides to stay in the residence. You’ll have to actually follow through and have the police forcibly remove them from the premises. In this case you also need to have a locksmith arrive around the same time or shortly afterward to change the locks (unless you do it yourself). Communicate with the tenant regularly to try to avoid this.

If there are still items like furniture inside you’ll have to move it out within one hour in the presence of the officer. If the officer shows up and there appears to be so much stuff that it will take more than one hour to move it all out, then he will leave and reschedule the eviction with an additional cost. Moving costs are generally expensive, but you’re only moving stuff from the inside of the house to the curb, so the best bet is to hire some day laborers at $14/hour instead of “professional” movers at $60/hour.


Evictions are expensive simply because the tenant stays in the property rent free for a month (which depletes the security deposit). So every other cost is then “extra.” i.e. the lawyer, moving out the furniture, and repairing any damage that was done.

Dollar amounts for these services range greatly, but you may pay around $70 for the locksmith, around $300 to $600 to the lawyer, and $480 to $,1000 for movers ($850 to $1670 total).


See the associated page for a notice to pay or quit. If your property is in Colorado, the folks at http://www.sbwp-law.com/evictions can handle the eviction for you.

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