Mar 122010

Today I filled out the form to enroll for thesis credit this summer and emailed the content to my adviser so he can approve or disapprove of it. I need his signature to be able to enroll in the course. Here is what I suggested to him.

1. Briefly describe the project:
Read map data from an ESRI shape file, coupled with GPS and camera data to overlay road data onto the camera image of the road or highlight the road. This is similar to a consumer-level GPS device.

2. What performance/accomplishments will be expected of the student?
The student is expected to work diligently towards the goals outlined for completion of the Thesis. These include: 1) read location data from a GPS device, 2) read map data from an ESRI shape file, 3) read road data from camera data, and 4) enhance the camera image with road data.

3. How many hours per week do you expect the student to devote to the project?
5 hours per week

4. How many hours per week/month will the student and faculty meet?
3 hours per month

Update Match 14th, 2010 at 7:55pm:
Approved! With 8 hours of work / week instead of 5, since it’s a summer semester.