May 082011

Once in Aix it will be important for our kids to attend school, of course. We wouldn’t want to home school them as we do actually want them to speak French. We also want them to speak English however, so this first batch of research will focus on international (bilingual) schools near Aix. There seems to be a list of international schools listed at, although there isn’t really a hint as to how up to date the information is. There are only a few schools listed which are for three year olds. –   Located outside of Aix in Luynes. I asked for the tuition and schedule via email on their contact page. –   Located outside of Aix in Luynes. We need to contact them about whether 3 year olds are taught French and English or only English (and also for prices and the schedule). –   Plan de Campagne. Maybe too far if we won’t have a car. –   Plan de Campagne.  Maybe too far if we won’t have a car.

There is more than one bus route to Luynes, so we wouldn’t have to wait around for hours to get there. The bus routes and schedules for Aix-en-Provence are available at

Another thing to note is that we read a message in a forum which made us reconsider a bilingual school. If our daughter will only be in school 2-3 days a week for 4 hours a day, then having an English section may not be necessary. She will be exposed to English virtually all of the time that she’s not with her parents, as we speak it. We do have some time before making a decision of course, but it does appear that the bilingual schools may require us to enroll early, judging from various forum messages we found.