Jul 312014

Yesterday we had a great time visiting parc de Saint-Pons in Gémenos. You can click here for a link to the city’s website about the park.


The kiddos and I showed up at about 10:30am and were met with a sign at the entrance saying that the park was closed due to weather or the risk of fires. We decided to head inside anyway since there were already a bunch of other cars there. It turns out that the lower portion of the park was open but the upper portion was closed since it was such a windy day.

We had a great time exploring the creek in the lower portion of the park and even found an interesting little bug while waiting for Aaron to join us for lunch.



After lunch we headed back to the creek for some more exploring. This time we took off our shoes and hiked through the water all the way to the point at which the park was closed.

Such a fun day! We can’t wait to go back and explore the upper portion of the park! I have it on good authority that it’s even more beautiful with waterfalls, more woody areas and even an abbey. 🙂

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Aug 192012

We had a busy week! We took care of some paperwork with the social security office here in Aix and got a brand new fridge!

Wednesday was a holiday here in France (August 15th The Assumption of Mary) so Aaron had the day off. We decided to head to the beach! So far our favorite sandy beach near Aix is Sainte Croix. It is a really nice beach near Sausset les Pins. There are lots of steps to reach the beach from the cliff top but it is a good size and we were even able to score some shade for most of the morning and early afternoon. We had a great time!

Thursday we headed to La Torse, a really nice big park in Aix. We had a fun time playing and picnicking there with some friends. Little Miss and Little Man are becoming great friends! I love to watch them run around together playing!

It has been getting really hot in Aix so we went to an indoor play area called Urban Kids on Friday. The kids really liked going down the slide together and eating their hot dogs and fries for lunch 🙂

We headed back to the beach on Saturday. This time to a small beach in La Ciotat named Le Mugel. This beach is rocky and much less busy than the sandy beaches nearby. The water is clear and calm and many people snorkel near the rocky cliffs on either side. The kids had a terrific time here. They both were able to float along as Aaron and I pulled them out into deeper water to “swim” and check out the little crabs on the rocks. Another great day!

After our busy week we stayed home on Sunday. The kids got a little stir crazy in the afternoon so I made them a little activity to keep them busy for a bit. I got this idea courtesy of Pinterest 🙂 Pour some baking soda into a shallow pan, mix up some colored vinegar, add a dropper and let the fun begin! The kids loved this. It only kept them busy for about 20 minutes or so. I think that I will give them a bigger pan of baking soda next time 🙂
May 082012

Stuff to do With Kids

  • Visit the castle (no strollers)
  • Walk around the town (stroller accessible, but hilly)
  • Have ice-cream

Stuff to do With Adults

This is a “medieval” town, which means the streets are small, hilly, and windy. It’s a perfect little town to visit for a day trip with kids.

Feb 212012
Image by kangshutters

Image by kangshutters

We recently made our big move to Aix-en-Provence France which included a 9 hour overseas flight to Frankfurt Germany followed by a 6 hour layover and another 1 hour flight to Marseille France. I have flown with the kids before but I learned a few additional things this time around…

Don’t expect that they will sleep on the plane.

  • Even if the flight occurs during their normal sleeping time and they are super tired they will still stay awake. You can make it a little easier for them by holding or nursing them but then they may need you to continue so that they can stay asleep. Also, if your small kiddo is used to sleeping in a bed then try to request the bulkhead seats. The airline has a bassinet that they can attach in front of you so that your little one can sleep. This made a big difference to our 14 month old who is used to putting himself to sleep in his crib every night.

No matter how many activities you bring on the plane they will want to watch videos instead.

  • So save your back and only bring a couple of things on the plane for your kids to do. The videos on my ipad were a big hit with our 3 year old and our 14 month old slept most of the time after I was able to get him to sleep in the first place (see above).

Bring lots of snacks from home because they won’t eat anything that is served on the plane.

  • We brought an entire bag of snacks from home and they were a lifesaver. Cheddar bunnies and yogurt melts were a big hit as were granola bars. We also continued to feed them these things after we arrived in Aix since Aaron and I survived on paninis for a couple of days and the kids didn’t like them.

If you are flying with another adult have one board early with the bags and the other board later with the kids.

  • Every airline that we have flown on allows people with children to board early. Take advantage of that and have one parent board with as much stuff as they can carry onto the plane. They can set up the carseat if you are bringing one and put all of the bags away in the overhead compartments without kids underfoot. Meanwhile the other parent can stay outside the plane until final boarding and let the kids run around a little more. The less time that the kids are on the plane, the better!

Keep your expectations in check because they are kids.

  • It’s tough to fly with kids and 9 hours is a long time. They will cry and they will have trouble but try to enjoy the experience as much as you can. The more that you keep your emotions in check the easier it will be to handle the inevitable meltdowns, whining and bickering that will happen during the flight. Happy flying!