May 182016

Our daughter had been wetting the bed for quite some time even though fobedwetting_alarmr a number of years after being potty trained she never had an accident during the day. At night though, she just wouldn’t wake up. For a long time we thought, “I guess her body just isn’t ready.”

Then we decided to try something other than just waiting – a bedwetting alarm. It attaches to the underwear and makes a noise and vibrates as soon as it gets wet. The results were fantastic! On the 7th night she had her first dry night and got up by herself to go to the bathroom. It was one of those proud parent moments that non-parents don’t understand and probably think to themselves “So what, I pee in the toilet all the time.”

I do have to say though that it’s important to read the directions fully and make sure you’re using it right. The first night with the alarm, for me it seemed pretty loud and I knew what was going on, so I went in to the room to wake up my daughter. I said “Hey, time to go pee.” I said, “HEY! Time to go PEE!” I poked her a bit, I pulled on her arm, I shook her leg. She slept through it all. I had to physically sit her up and make her get up and stand up. I was surprised by how much she could sleep through. The instructions say that the child needs to turn off the alarm themselves. This is very important, otherwise they might not be awake enough when they get to the bathroom, thus negating the entire effect. Another important thing: If you use the kind that attaches to the arm and has a wire going down, the wire needs to go through a shirt. So the child has to wear a shirt to bed even if that’s what they’re not used to. You know, so they don’t strangle themselves and die.

The last important thing I’ll mention – the alarm needs to be used even after a number of dry nights. Relapses are possible. The product we used was similar to or Good luck!

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