This site catalogs our adventure in moving to France.

Myths and Misunderstandings

  • They don’t sell peanut butter in France.
    • False. They do sell peanut butter. They also sell mustard and many other things. There are some things that are hard to find. Generally these hard to find items can be ordered from the American store online (www.myamericanmarket.com).
  • You have to get a shot before coming to France.
    • False. You do need a passport though.
  • All French people speak English.
    • False. Although most french people were required to study English in school, this does not mean they all speak the language. In school they studied grammar – knowing grammar does not equate to carrying on a conversation. Studying a language in school does not mean that you have practiced the language. French people that work in touristy areas know the vocabulary that goes with their occupation. e.g. the person working at the bakery will know how to say bread, chocolate, and lemon tart, and they will not know how to say “My child has a headache, where can I buy something to make him feel better?”
  • French people do not wear deodorant.
    • False. Some french people smell. Some Americans smell too.
  • French waiters are rude.
    • False. French waiters are rude to people that don’t make an effort to speak their language and try to pay with dollar bills instead of euros. They also don’t sit and stare at you if you haven’t decided what to order yet, because they have other customers to take care of.
  • French women don’t shave their armpits.
    • False. Some french women don’t, but most do. At least most that show their armpits at public beaches do.



  • Hard to find: Seedless grapes.
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