Jul 312014

Yesterday we had a great time visiting parc de Saint-Pons in Gémenos. You can click here for a link to the city’s website about the park.


The kiddos and I showed up at about 10:30am and were met with a sign at the entrance saying that the park was closed due to weather or the risk of fires. We decided to head inside anyway since there were already a bunch of other cars there. It turns out that the lower portion of the park was open but the upper portion was closed since it was such a windy day.

We had a great time exploring the creek in the lower portion of the park and even found an interesting little bug while waiting for Aaron to join us for lunch.



After lunch we headed back to the creek for some more exploring. This time we took off our shoes and hiked through the water all the way to the point at which the park was closed.

Such a fun day! We can’t wait to go back and explore the upper portion of the park! I have it on good authority that it’s even more beautiful with waterfalls, more woody areas and even an abbey. 🙂

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  1. The Johnsons,
    Looks like the four of you had wonderful time. It looks like the weather was on board for the Johnson’s day of exploring. Looking forward to your next of day of exploring.


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