Dec 242012

What a year! 2012 was a year of big changes for the Johnson family!


The biggest change, of course, was our move to Aix en Provence France. After our going away party where we said goodbye to our many good friends and family we boarded a plane headed to Germany. Our layover lasted something like 6 hours so we found a quiet corner and all took naps before our short flight to France. We arrived on the evening of Valentine’s Day and checked into our hotel.

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After a couple of weeks we were able to find an apartment and after a few trips to Ikea we were finally able to settle in. Aaron started his new job and Little Miss started attending her new school, Les Boutons d’Or (the Buttercups). Weekends were spent visiting neighboring towns and getting used to our new home.


The summer brought lots of time to explore Aix and find new things to do. Jennifer, Little Miss and Little Man found some pools and fountains to splash in and spent at least one day a week getting wet. There were also visits to the zoo and the indoor playground, Urban Kids. The month of August is very hot in the south of France and we’re proud to say that we made it through without an air conditioner!


One of our favorite things to do in the summer is visit the beach. We live about 30 minutes away from the Mediterranean and are able to visit whenever we like. Little Miss and Little Man love to play in the sand and surf while Mom and Dad sit in the shade and watch.


In September Little Miss headed back to school 4 days a week. We love that she is attending a Steiner Waldorf school and couldn’t be happier with her teacher. She is able to do lots of interesting things like making bread and watercolor painting. Most Fridays she also takes a walk with her class to a neighboring agricultural area where they are able to run and play and have their snack before heading back to the school. Jennifer and Little Man accompany the class a couple of times a month.


Over the summer we decided to move to a less expensive apartment, which we finally found in September. We were able to move in at the beginning of October. It only took us a couple of days to settle in and we are really happy with the new place. In the middle of the month Jennifer headed to Paris for a mini-vacation with her friend Little Miss while Aaron held down the fort at home with the kids.

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Aaron’s mom Judy came to visit us in November and we had a great time showing her around. Little Miss and Little Man loved having her here to play with every day for two weeks! We did more some more sightseeing, heading to Avignon, Marseille, Cassis and Tarascon (where we saw a really neat castle!)

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Now it’s Christmas Eve. We have decorated our tree, all of the presents are wrapped and we are looking forward to tomorrow morning. We sincerely hope that everyone is enjoying the time spent with family and friends during this special time of year. We will be celebrating tomorrow with new bikes (ssshhhh it’s a secret!), phone calls, skype and Mexican food!

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Merry Christmas! And wishes for a wonderful 2013!


The Johnsons



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