Jul 282011

So for me, it was a lot easier than I thought to find a job. Granted, I haven’t actually signed a contract yet, but things are looking very good. Apparently technical jobs (i.e. in the Computer industry) are easier to find than other types of jobs (I’m a programmer).

To prepare for the interviews and to help review my résumé, I used verbalplanet.com to find a tutor and began taking private lessons once a week. This was definitely useful as I hadn’t really practiced speaking in quite a while. Also my résumé was full of errors before the tutor looked over it with me.

The first day after posting my résumé on a few websites, I received about eight responses from interested companies or recruiters. I am looking for work in a very specific location, so some of them I could respond to easily because the offers were in the wrong area. I can’t commute 2 hours to work everyday after all. Some others asked about my intentions and when I planned on moving to France. A few people were not interested in even interviewing me when they heard that we would have to do it over the phone or via Skype. In any case, I followed through on those that looked promising and I got a very good response from some of them. A couple companies have let me know that they want to hire and that they have started the necessary paperwork.

I haven’t actually received any paperwork yet though. Maybe there’s something else I’m not aware of, but I think it will work out. I heard from one company that I could do the second, technical interview yet because the person that I need to interview with is still on vacation. This makes sense to me as I’ve been watching the news at www.tf1.fr and for the last month they have covered vacations in some manner in every broadcast I have seen.

Through the interviews, some have told me that it only takes about a month to get a work permit in France and not three months, which is good and bad. We’ll have to speed up all of our moving plans and preparation. We’ll see how long it really takes.

I have to at least mention, since the associated image has technical terms in it, that I thought learning technical terms in French would be difficult. It turns out that as a programmer, many of the terms used are simply the English terms with a French accent. Good deal!

Jul 012011

Some people have had issues importing various movie formats into iPhoto. Even .MOV QuickTime movies sometimes don’t play correctly in iMovie. .MTS files from Sony cameras simply will not work – they need to be converted. If you have the choice of a conversion format, use the H.264 format which may have an extension of .mp4. This works fine and may be the very format that iPhoto itself uses.

You can see the format that iPhoto uses by choosing a video that has already been imported (and plays correctly). Then click File -> Reveal in Finder -> Original File. Then right-click and choose Get Info. Under “More Info” there is a Codecs listing which shows the codec of the video.

A good converter is Xilisoft HD Video Converter.