Sep 182010

Facebook is more public than some people are aware. is a site where you can search status updates which are marked as visible by “everyone.” Since searching for “my new number is” brings back a significant number of phone numbers, I’m pretty sure that people don’t realize that Facebook’s privacy setting of “everyone” may be their default. They’re also probably not aware that “everyone” doesn’t just mean everyone on Facebook – it basically means anyone using the internet.

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Sep 072010

The Masters Thesis is no more. Now there will only be a Master’s Project, which requires only a 25 page writeup instead of a 50 page one. I’m also working with a different adviser. Currently I’m somewhere on page 11 with the writeup and I’m not sure I have enough material to fill 25 pages. If I come up short it’s likely that I’ll add a section on loading the map data to a database for retrieval, or a section on using the full history of the traveled path in order to find the current road location more accurately (instead of the current method of matching to one of the two nearest roads based on angle).

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